Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pinoy Bands Making Waves in the Philippine Music Industry

In the 1990s, Philippines bands have surged through the music scene, gaining support from Filipinos at a scale they have yet to enjoy. The influx of pinoy bands at such time, including but not limited to the Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Wolfgang, Fatal Posporos, Keltscross, Color it Red, Sugar Hiccup, and Put3ska as well as the flourishing number of venues for live gigs such as Club Dredd and Mayric’s were accurate indicators that OPM songs as delivered by these rock bands have found a steady, sturdy following.

This was a natural consequence after the rise of the Original Pinoy Music of the 1970s. Filipino musicians finally gained the support from fellow Filipinos usually reserved for the likes of Madonna or Michael Jackson. Filipino music became closer to the real and modern Filipino experience than earlier musicians.

For a time, however, the scene was engulfed again by the international music scene with the advent of foreign boy bands with clear skins and shrill melodies and girl groups with matching sexually provocative outfits and coordinated names have reigned over music channels, radio airplays, record sales and the dreams of the youth, most tragically.

But this affection for foreign talent prove to be short-lived as Filipino listeners grew ready for real music closer to their reality as much as musicians have gone daring with their creativity.

By 2003, record sales in the Philippines tipped in favor of local artists, with estimates reaching 70% of the total Filipino music market. Mere observations also become evidence of this maturity as local songs ruled the airwaves, adopted as official soundtrack of local and international movies, computer games, TV series, and even sports events; and as local artists are continuously featured by music channels here and abroad, compete and win several international competitions.

Pinoy band were featured in local and international magazines. Truly,
Filipino Music is not only for the local market but also for the international community (encouraged by 10 million Filipinos the world over!).

Who at this time hasn’t heard or known about bands such as Chicosci, Queso, Pupil, Greyhoundz, Sandwich, Imago, or Parokya Ni Edgar? Who didn't rave about the Eraserheads a few years back, and about the Eraserheads reunion?

Musical events and awards shows, whether sponsored by radio stations, universities, organizations or those regularly held in clubs and bars, kept the music scene alive and kicking. More and more musicians are coming out of their regional turf and sharing their craft with the rest of the country.

Yet another proof of how self-sustaining the Philippines is, we simply never run out of more Filipino artists with more to share. The Typecast from Laguna; Urbandub from Cebu; and Gayuma from Batangas.

What is more interesting and positive is the unity among bands in the country amidst the diversity in their sounds and styles and backgrounds. Indeed, there is kapatiran among these bands that lie behind compilation albums, tribute concerts, song collaborations, project bands, and the featuring of up-and-coming bands with the veterans. In the past years up to the present, albums such as Silver Shiny Jeepney, Doobie Nights, Ultraelectromagneticjam, T-Shirt Day, Mga Gitarista and Music Max Bicol have been released. The variety of and within these albums speaks of the levels that local
Filipino artists have reached and are ready to explore both music-wise and in terms of their creative relationships. Such send the signal that there is more to come and that there is room for more.

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